7 Tips to help your dog live longer


According to studies on American dogs 80% of dogs are considered to be aging faster than they should. Dog’s over the age of six are already beginning to manifest many health problems that eventually lead to an untimely death.

The good news is that all of this is preventable by following some easy steps that can help prolong your dog’s life. Here are are 7 steps to put your back on track to living a healthy, happy and long life!


Dog Healthy Diet1. Healthy Diet

Be sure to feed your dog a healthy and balanced diet. Try looking for premium food brands that have been deemed suitable for human consumption by the FDA.





Dog Taking Probiotics2. Enzymes and Probiotics

Try adding enzymes to your dog’s food for proper digestion. When your dog eats commercial canned or dry dog food the enzymes are destroyed by the cooking process. Remember your dog’s stomach was designed to digest raw foods that have plenty of enzymes. Adding probiotics are also an excellent way to balance the bacterial levels in the gut which leads to healthy digestion and a strong immune system.




dogs drinking water3. Filter Water

Chlorine and heavy metals are just some of the contaminants that can be found in tap water. Plastic can also leak into the water so it’s best to eliminate this. All of these toxins can affect your dog’s skin, coat and general health.

dog with toothbrush

4. Dental Hygiene

Many pet owners overlook dental hygiene and unfortunately this leads to plaque, gingivitis and periodontal disease. This disease is a bacterial infection of the mouth that’s been linked to heart disease, organ damage and death.
Be sure to brush their teeth regularly and provide dental treats and safe chew toys. On average if your dog is 2 years of age or older, you should bring them in for annual dental cleanings. For smaller dogs you may need to bring them in for more frequent cleanings.



5. Exercise

Of course we know exercise is important for our dog. It helps our pet control it’s weight and helps strengthen their muscles and heart. Their strength naturally decreases with age so it’s important for them to be as strong as possible. Just as it is with humans lack of exercise is one of the first things that lead to overall health decline.

6. Limit Stress and Depression

Make sure to pay attention to your dog. Dog’s that experience a lot of stress and depression often have shorter lifespans. This can be brought on because of loneliness or bullying from another pet. Just by walking or playing with your dog in the park can eliminate depression and many of the stress factors.

7. Regular Checkups

Be sure to catch any problems early on. You can do this by paying attention to any irregular behaviors or symptoms and by taking your dog in for regular checkups with your Vet.

Even if your dog is in perfect health it’s important to bring him in for regular visits to maintain optimal health. Sticking to a consistent preventative care routine will give your dog the best chance for a long and happy life!

Our Dogs are family members and the time we spend with them is precious. Be sure to follow these wellness tips so your dog lives longer, healthier and a happier life!

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