dvm (54)Get your new dog off on the right paw with our bargain priced puppy wellness program that includes an exam plus all the vaccines and parasite protection that they’ll need to get the best possible start in life. Save lots of money and help ensure a happy, healthy, long life for your new dog.

First Visit ( 6 – 8 weeks of age)

  • New Puppy Examination
  • DHP-P #1
  • Oral worming for parasites

Second Visit (9 – 11 weeks of age)

  • DHP-P #2
  • Bordetella (intra-nasal or oral given only once, twice if given as injection)
  • 2nd oral worming if needed

Third Visit (12 – 14 weeks of age)

  • DHP-P #3
  • Bordetella #2 (if needed)

Fourth Visit (15 – 17 weeks of age)

  • DHP-P #4 (if needed – depending on age)
  • Rabies – 1 year (after 4 months of age)

Only $175 for the entire package!

(A savings of over $50)

More Need to Know
Upon your first visit you will be given a tube of Advantage Multi, and a fecal container. When you drop off the stool sample, we will send it to the lab. They will check for any ova or parasites.

It is your responsibility to bring your pet in to our  animal hospital facility for his/her visits; no refunds will be made if appointments are not kept.

For those puppies whose parasites screening comes back positive, additional medication is at the owner’s expense.

Payment is due at the time of the first visit.

Packages cannot be combined with any other offer or discount here at Gregg Animal Hospital.

Packages are non-refundable and non-transferable between pets.

Kitten Packages:

Kitten packages are also available, please call for details.