hospice (3)Private Cremation
When a pet is privately cremated, each pet is separated and cremated in their own individual compartment, ensuring that it is only your pet that will be returned to you in a special urn of your choice. Your veterinarian will then contact you when your loved one is ready to be picked up.

Group Cremation
With group cremations, pets are cremated communally with other pets. Cremains are then spread at set by Tides to Tranquility and Ocean Defenders.

Aromatic Cedar Chest
This classic chest style urn is made 100% from colorful aromatic cedar. The nature of this wood means that each urn is a little bit different and of course all have that distinctive cedar smell. The exterior mounted hardware is brass color. The chest has a hasp closure with a miniature padlock and two keys.

Clay Paw Prints
Our clay paw print reveals the unique lines and markings of a pet’s paw and preserves the memories of special times shared with a pet. Paw Prints are special tokens of all the memories you have of your pet. By personalizing your pet’s paw prints after we create an imprint of them, you can capture all the memorable moments you’ve experienced with your beloved companion.

Every urn comes with an Alder Wood Keepsake Heart engraved with your pet’s name.

Please talk to our staff about your special needs and we will be happy to assist you.